Is a destination  that offers fast casual lunch service at “The Po!nt.” In the evening “The FlatIron” is your casual dinner venue all located in the Old Elbow Room.

The Point on Penn

About The Point On Penn

Glenn and Rolonda share a passion for great food that started over 15 years ago. Rolonda, a true foodie, gave into her passion while holding a full-time job in another discipline. She enrolled in culinary school and graduated with a dual degree in culinary and pastry. Glenn took a different path. He devoted his life to the craft, starting his career in hotels, moving on to private restaurants, and finally working in the kitchens of private country clubs and became known as America’s Club Chef.

These unique paths brings a causal eclectic feel to The Point on Penn. Glenn brings disciplined culinary excellence, while Ro showcases KayKay’s pastries as a great beginning or end to any meal served in their integrated establishments.

The first stop is the Point that specializes in vintage breakfast, lunch and snacks until dusk. At dusk the FlatIron offers a one kind premium casual dining experience, all centered on the cuisine of Chef Glenn Brown as they follow their dreams as culinary artisans. The “Upper Room” is where the Wine Cellar and Chef’s Table converge creating memories for people who take time to savor what is in their glass, know how enjoy the company of others and enjoy inspired cuisine.

Glenn and Rolonda want you to relax and enjoy the atmosphere as you visit our establishment where  “service is an attitude”. (Sam Parker, 2018)

“Service is the life blood of any organization.  Everything flows from it and is nourished by it.  Customer Service is not a department, it is an attitude”. (Sam Parker, 2018)