About the Flatiron

The City is at the crossroads of human interaction. At the center city there is physical interaction guided by architecture with its longitudinal and latitudinal lines.

All over the world there is one piece of architecture that touches us all in many ways. For those of you touched by ‘Burnham’s Folly” (Editors, 2010) welcome to the “Elbow Room. Where architecture has created life long memories that only a historic Flatiron building can give. Its angular structure built of steel and lime stone is generational.

With the help of the Indiana Historical Preservation Commission the Elbow Room will forever be a part of the landscape of the Old St. Josephs neighborhood. Therefore, as guest of The Flatiron at the old Elbow Room; please help us bring to life the great Flatiron buildings of the world by posting your photo on our instagram feed or facebook page.

Glenn Brown, CEC AAC

Managing Member of The Point on Penn

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