(Served Tuesday – Friday 11:00 am – 3:00 pm)


Daily Soups Cup 4, Bowl 6

College Ramen Bowls 10

Chicken, Spicy Beef, Ginger Pork Belly or tofu

Earthbowls  10

Romaine, Spinach & Arugula on a nest of ancient grains

Ranch, Blue Cheese, Sherry Vin, Dill Vin, Caesar

Chicken & Veggies

Boneless Breast, peppers, tomato, mushrooms and pesto

Full of Veggies (Vegan)

Asparagus,, tomato, peppers and onion straws

Buffalo Chicken

Fried or grilled, blue cheese, diced tomato

Crunchy Shrimp

Tomato, cucumber, fresh dill ranch

Steak House Chopped

Blue cheese, egg, bacon and tomato

SteveDore’s and Sandwiches

Served on a Bialy Bun with house pickles and long chips

Warm Ham & Cheese  10

Corned Beef Stack  11

Turkey and Pepperjack  10

Flatiron Specialty BLT  12

Romaine & Arrugula BLT …caramelized onion ranch mayonnaise

Deli Ham & Cheese on toast 10

Deli Turkey & Cheese on toast 10

Hot Sandwiches & Wraps  12

Served with lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion with long chips (may sub salad or fruit)

Elbow Room Pork Tenderloin

6oz of breaded or grilled pork on brioche bun

Flatiron Burger

8oz of custom grind cooked to your desired doneness

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

cheddar cheese, ranch, tomato and lettuce

Boneless Chicken Tenders

plain or buffalo

Mac & Cheese Bowls  12

Served with side salad and toasted bread

Traditional W/veggies

Blackened Chicken

Grilled Chicken

Chicken Tenders (plain or buffalo)

Crunchy Shrimp 



(Served Tuesday – Saturday 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm)


Street Snacks

Razor Pork Mac & Cheese…$8

Tofu Stuffed Mushrooms, 4…$9

Flatbread (Veggie or Brisket)…$12

Seasonal Taco’s(4) …$15

Chips and Queso…$6 

 Vintage Soups

Vintage Lobster Bisque…$10

New Rural Chicken Noodle…$6

Creamy Tomato Basil…$6

Soup DuJour…$6

Salad Options

Arugula & Spinach Salad…$6

(blueberries, strawberries & almonds)

FlatIron Chopped…$6

(egg, tomato, cucumber & bacon)

Parm Crisp Caesar…$9

add Chicken breast…$8

add Salmon…$12

add Filet Tips…$16

all dressing with an asterisk * are made in house, gluten free and sweetened with a kiss of local honey

*Orange Balsamic Vinaigrette, *Sherry Vinaigrette, Caesar and Ranch

Main Courses

New Rural Half Chicken…$22

Partially deboned served with crushed potatoes…milk gravy…burnt asparagus

10 oz Filet Mignon…$45, Half portion… $38

Full or half atop a palate of crushed potatoes…shallot mushrooms

New York Strip Steak…Stilton Grits…$36, Half Portion…$28

Full or half 12 oz. steak, sliced on a nest of wilted baby field greens

Pan Roasted Salmon…$26

On parmesan risotto…with caper, shallot and roasted tomato topper and asparagus

Ginger Rubbed Tuna Steak…$26 (a Vegan option is Available on this dish)

On sushi rice, pickled ginger, tomatoes, sesame spinach & carrots on a light dashi broth

Chicken Griddle with Ancient Grains…$18

Boneless breast with veggies on an ancient grain pilaf of quinoa, farro, wild rice

Vegetarian Combination… $24

pan roasted tofu with asparagus tips, grains and vegetables

Pork Chop Ribeye & Frittes… $24

Kansas City bone-in chop with fresh hand cut freedom fries, dipping sauce

Steak & Plants… $24

filet tips on a nest of fresh veggies with a parsley pan reduction

KK’s Filet Sandwich… $22

filet mignon topped with mushroom artichoke dip on a Kaiser bun with freedom fries

Al Fresco Pasta Bowl, loaded with seasonal veggies…$16

Choose: Pesto, Tomato Broth or Alfredo

Choose Noodle: Fettuccine or Penne  

Add chicken breast…$8, add Salmon…$12 and Filet Tips…$16

Shared Sides

(plenty for two)

Fresh Mixed Veggies…$8

Mac & Cheese…$7

Nicks Brussel Sprouts…$9

Smashed Potato…$5

Roasted Asparagus…$8

Sandwiches & Wraps…$12 each

Comes with lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion & long chips (sub fresh fruit or side salad)

Elbow Room Pork Tenderloin, 6 oz of breaded or grilled pork on brioche bun

Flatiron Burger, 8 oz of custom grind cooked to your desired doneness

Buffalo Chicken Wrap, cheddar cheese, ranch, tomato and lettuce

Boneless Chicken Tenders, plain or buffalo

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness*


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About the Flatiron

The City is at the crossroads of human interaction. At the center city there is physical interaction guided by architecture with its longitudinal and latitudinal lines.

All over the world there is one piece of architecture that touches us all in many ways. For those of you touched by ‘Burnham’s Folly” (Editors, 2010) welcome to the “Elbow Room. Where architecture has created life long memories that only a historic Flatiron building can give. Its angular structure built of steel and lime stone is generational.

With the help of the Indiana Historical Preservation Commission the Elbow Room will forever be a part of the landscape of the Old St. Josephs neighborhood. Therefore, as guest of The Flatiron at the old Elbow Room; please help us bring to life the great Flatiron buildings of the world by posting your photo on our instagram feed or facebook page.

Glenn Brown, CEC AAC

Managing Member of The Point on Penn

Works Cited

Editors, H. (2010, August 21). FlatIron Building. Retrieved January 24, 2019, from History: